Monday, January 02, 2006

Kudos for Quinn

The Alliance congratulates Chris Quinn, the Council's new speaker and someone who has strong roots in community activism. We had the pleasure of working with both Quinn and her mentor, State senator Tom Duane, in the fight we waged with the UFCW and local neighborhood groups against Related's attempt to build two Costcos on the West Side. We are hopeful that Madame Speaker, now that has a nice ring to it, will continue to be as combative in her new role. As we pointed out yesterday there is much that the council can do to establish its position as a formidable legislature.

If Chris is looking to establish a legacy than she could start with the whole issue of accountable development. She of all people is aware of the way in which development often proceeds in this town against the interests of local neighborhoods, and how the overly optimistic predictions of economic valhalla usually come up way short. New standards and new procedures are long overdue.