Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Pot and Kettle

In a example of unintended irony, Mike Bloomberg is calling the former Democratic majority in the state senate a, "disgrace." As we used to say in grammar school, "It takes one to know one!" As DP tells us: "Count Mayor Bloomberg among those glad to leave behind the "disgrace" that was the Democratic state Senate majority..."I thought, if you take a look, it was a disgrace what happened in the last couple of years in the Senate. Most people, regardless of party, think that," the mayor said."

The mayor, who was in Albany to take possession of his newly purchased political allies, should be careful about alienating any more people. After all, when council members like Peter Vallone and David Greenfield are throwing you under the bus, there aren't many folks left to come to your aid-and if Bloomberg thinks that the new Senate majority is bailing out NYC any time soon, well, he's getting a snow job from someone.

What the mayor also probably doesn't realize since he lives within a gated upper class community bubble-is that the number of people who take his pronouncements seriously is a rapidly diminishing cohort. And, as far as disgraceful is concerned, perhaps he should ask the aforementioned CM Greenfield who sent the mayor the following Dear John letter through a Yiddish/Jewish website: "It’s been many hours after the Mayor’s 7am deadline and our streets remain unplowed. I don’t know how the Mayor can sleep tonight knowing that 80 hours after the storm ended the streets of thousands of his citizens are not passable,” said an exasperated Greenfield. “If the Mayor can’t get Sanitation to do the job, he should grab a shovel and come down here to Brooklyn to clear the streets that he promised would be cleaned.”

Doesn't Greenfield understand that Mike Bloomberg doesn't do manual labor? His colleague, CM Jumaane Williams also weighs in on the mayor's less than stellar performance: "The Mayor is either severely misinformed or lying. He is claiming to have plowed streets that were not plowed,” said Williams. “I’m shocked that the Mayor can get on national TV and make false claims about his failure to clean our streets. My constituents, including the disabled and seniors, are stuck in their homes tonight while the Mayor glides through the streets of Manhattan. It’s disgusting.”

One could even say that it is a disgrace.


Daily Politics has this pointed rebuttal from Senate Democrats: "The actual disgrace is failing to manage a fatal blizzard because you and all of your top aides were on vacation and nobody was left in charge," a Senate Democratic source told our Ken Lovett. The source also argued that it was actually the Senate Democrats who carried Bloomberg's agenda against Republican opposition. He said either all or a majority of GOP senators voted against measures the mayor backed, such as the Race To The Top legislation, hydrofracking moratorium and gun microstamping bill."

Guess the mayor's into serial monogamy: "This is not how you treat a friend who carried your water the past two years," the source said. "The mayor is wrapping his arms around the captain who singlehandedly submarined his legislative agenda the past two years."