Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good Choice for ESDC

We were heartened to see that Governor Cuomo has appointed Ken Adams as the new head of the Empire State Development Corporation. As YNN reports: "The Cuomo administration has finally settled on a nominee to head the Empire State Development Corp. – a post for which the governor has drawn some criticism for leaving empty this long while insisting his main focus is “jobs, jobs, jobs.” The governor has tapped state Business Council President and CEO Ken Adams to serve in the same capacity at ESDC. Cuomo also announced he plans to change the leadership structure at the corporation, separating the CEO and chairman functions."

This is a good choice because we know Ken to be a tireless worker, as well as a creative out of the box thinker on economic development. There have been times when we have crossed swords on certain issues-and other times when we have worked together. In all circumstances, however, we have come away impressed with his erudition and charm-an unlikely political combination from our experience.

Good luck Ken!