Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Walmart Opposition

We have always said that there are many reasons why folks should dislike the Walmonster-and now it is the turn of the women to voice their concern about the retail giant's employment policies. Daily Politics had the story yesterday: "Walmart Free NYC, a coalition trying to keep the big box retailer from planting its flag in the five boroughs, is getting some backup from women's groups. On March 29, the Supreme Court is slated to hear Walmart v. Dukes, which questions "whether a federal court may hear a nationwide class-action on behalf of hundreds of thousands of female Wal-Mart employees, charging the company with engaging in a pattern and practice of pay and promotion discrimination."

And NOW of NYC is not pleased with Big Wally: "Wal-Mart with its enormous scope and influence has set a standard that blatant discrimination against women employees is great way to maximize profits,” said Sonia Ossorio, Executive Director of the National Organization for Women in New York City. “This is an employer who takes advantage of its workforce at every opportunity. The women of New York City deserve better.”

Indeed it does-and we're happy to see that NOW is ready to join with the growing anti-Walmart coalition as it prepares to make a lot of noise next week down at the City Council hearing. As we have always said, there is a high cost of low prices-and the Walmonster isn't worth the cost.