Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Supporting Bill Perkins

Liz has a link this morning to the fact that the RWDSU's Stu Appelbaum-along with Freddy Ferrer, Bill Thompson and Robert Jackson-have all endorsed the re-election bid of State Senator Bill Perkins. Good for them! Perkins is one Harlem pol that doesn't believe in top feeding-as one former mayor certainly does when it comes to Columbia University.

Perkins is a champion of the underdog when it comes to protecting the property rights of all New Yorkers-and was the one elected official in the Harlem community that wouldn't lay down before the Columbia juggernaut. At a time when too many minority politicians are acting as booty capitalists, Perkins stands for something-which is why we are likely to see the Bloomberg popular front media endorse his opponent. Let them!

The folks in the 30th senatorial district know that Bill will always be ready to fight for them-and while we might disagree with his stand on charters, it doesn't take away from the larger point that he is a fighter for the people on issues that other pols shy away from Go get 'em Bill!