Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Congressman Takes Scriptures Seriously, But May Misread Them

Congressman Greg Meeks must be a religious man-because, at least according to the NY Daily News story on his lavish, and highly leveraged, Queens home, he fervently believes that the Meeks will inherit the earth: "Dwarfing every house in the neighborhood, the 6,000-square-foot manse is guarded by security cameras and tucked nearly out of view at the end of a long driveway. And it wasn't cheap. Queens Rep. Gregory Meeks and his wife, Simone-Marie, paid $830,000 in 2006 for the then-new house, which is now at the center of ethical and legal questions facing the congressman."

And what's great about Meeks is that he always seems to have friends who can help him out in a jam: "One loan Meeks took out from a Queens businessman to help pay for the house recently has drawn FBI scrutiny...Then, in January 2007, Meeks borrowed $40,000 from Queens businessman Ed Ahmad. Sources have told the Daily News that Meeks used the money from Ahmad to help pay for the house."

Meeks is central to an investigation of a number of different allegations of impropriety out in South East Queens-questionable wheeling and dealing that began with the controversy over the Air Train, a project that Meeks worked for like a pro. Since that time, he has seen his opportunities and taken them. But the lingering question for us, is why Meeks hasn't been put on the sh*t list of the State Democratic Party-along with its favorite pinata Pedro Espada?

If the party is going to style against Espada, it needs to demonstrate that it isn't going to limit itself by only going against the low hanging fruit. State Dems need to be more like Ko Ko, the Lord High Executioner from the Mikado, and expand their list of untouchables. We'll give Gilbert and Sullivan the last word:


As some day it may happen that a victim must be found,

I've got a little list — I've got a little list

Of society offenders who might well be underground,

And who never would be missed — who never would be missed!

There's the pestilential nuisances who write for autographs —

All people who have flabby hands and irritating laughs —

All children who are up in dates, and floor you with 'em flat —

All persons who in shaking hands, shake hands with you like that —

And all third persons who on spoiling tête-á-têtes insist —

They'd none of 'em be missed — they'd none of 'em be missed!


He's got 'em on the list — he's got 'em on the list;

And they'll none of 'em be missed — they'll none of 'em be missed.