Thursday, July 22, 2010

Koch, Silver and Sampson

Here's a knee slapper from Daily Politics: "Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and State Senate Leader John Sampson have been declared enemies of the state by former Mayor Ed Koch. Koch placed the two Democrats and a host of other state lawmakers on his enemies list for not signing reform pledges circulated by his new group, New York Uprising."

Meade Esposito and Donald Manes must be rolling in their graves. As we said last April-and we'll give ourselves the last word: "Well, good for Ed. But our own memory is still acute-and we can't help but recall that Easy Ed's third term was, how can we put this, riddled with political corruption-a major reason why he was sent packing by the lovable Dave Dinkins. But it is nice to see Koch reach back to his Tammany Hall fighting days; although we're not sure that nonpartisan redistricting is this year's signature issue. You know what we mean?"