Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Paterson: NY Times Worse Than New York!

You gotta give David Paterson some credit for feistiness-and his calling out of the NY Times on its criticisms of his leadership put a smile on our face. As Liz reports: "Still stinging from the Oct. 19 New York Times editorial that deemed him “weak and ineffective,” Gov. David Paterson took some shots at the Gray Lady this weekend, DN Capitol Bureau Chief Ken Lovett reports.
Employing the old "those in glass houses" analogy, Paterson noted the Times is suffering from its own money problems and announced last week it will be cutting 100 newsroom positions - about 8 percent of the total - by the end of the year. “Two days after this high edict about what they think about what I’m doing, they laid off 100 people from their newsroom,” Paterson told the state chapter of the National Federation of the Blind on Saturday."

You go guv! The Times is probably one of the last places that should be issuing obiter dicta on someone else's fiscal competency. Of course, the governor couldn't leave well enough alone, and went on to complain that he was being unfairly ridiculed because of his limited vision: "During his speech, Paterson also said he has been subjected to "degrading" attacks and "blatant hostility" due to his visual impairment. This comes on the heels of his claim in August that black elected officials like himself, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and even President Obama are subjected to unfair scrutiny by the media because of the color of their skin."

Which would normally prompt us to comment on the Times tangle as an example of the blind leading, well, you know the rest, so we won't go there because it really appears that this administration is in its death rattle phase-and there's no sense beating on a dead horse; no matter what its sighted condition might be.