Tuesday, October 06, 2009

None of the Above

As Azi has posted, the new Survey USA poll shows the race between Mike Bloomberg and Bill Thompson tightening: "Bill Thompson trails Michael Bloomberg by only 8 percentage points, despite being outspent 16 to 1, according to a new WABC-TV , which will be posted shortly on the web site Survey USA...Bloomberg leads Thompson 51 to 43 percent according to the poll, which has a margin of error of 4.2 percent, and was conducted from October 3 to 5."

If valid, this poll is nothing short of remarkable-and Bloomberg's Wolfer does his best to downgrade the results: "Bloomberg campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson said Survey USA has not been as accurate as other polls in this year's elections, and said, these latest numbers are "out of whack with other public polls and the reality."

Yet when Marist showed Bloomberg garnering 35% of the black vote a few weeks ago-a not happening kind of thing, Wolfson didn't call around to set the record straight. So, maybe he's right about the latest poll-or not.

But what's truly remarkable, is the fact that the Thompson campaign has been almost invisible-particularly in comparison to the Bloomberg spending orgy-a 16 to 1 disparity. So, it seems to us, that if the evanescent Thompson is breathing down Bloomberg's neck that the mayor is really in danger of losing to-none of the above.