Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Line Dance: Or Doing the Macarena?

In yesterday's Daily Politics Liz Benjamin uncovers more Bloomberg generosity-and further examples of how, at least for the mayor, progress only refers to his own outsized political ambition: "Running on the GOP ballot line turns out to be more expensive than has been previously reported - at least for Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-independent Mayor Bloomberg."

The initial $50,000 per county organization now turns out to be only ante: "But, a sharp-eyed reader recently brought to my attention the fact that the New York County GOP, which at one point seemed poised to cast the deciding vote for Bloomberg but ended up being the last to vote, had received another $50,000 contribution from the mayor on Sept. 22." With all likelihood that all the other good government organizations run by the GOP will be equally blessed.

Wither the Independence Party run by that philanthropist Fulani? "So, the next question is: Will there be more cash showing up somewhere down the road for the Independence Party? Bloomberg gave the Indys $250,000 when he ran on their line in 2005. The party's Jackie Salit told me in advance of this year's vote that she expected the mayor to be at least as generous this time around - if not more so."

So when we continue to hear that great Bloomberg rallying cry: "Progress, Not Politics," we should never forget the political orphans that Mike has brought in from the cold-clothing and feeding them in their hour of desperation. An act of sheer charity that has, in our view, no political implications whatsoever.