Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mikey Oakely-Not!

So Mike Bloomberg's against the Thune amendment that would allow licensed gun owners from one state to carry their concealed weapons across state lines. As Daily Politics reports: "Mayor Bloomberg did not mince words today in bashing the US Senate for being poised to vote on an amendment that would make it easier to take concealed weapons across state lines. The measure, known as the "Thune Amendment" because it was proposed by South Dakota Republican John Thune, has been attached to a Defense Authorization bill that would provide funding for troops overseas and thus be difficult for senators to vote down. In a conference call this afternoon with fellow members of his Mayors Against Illegal Guns group, Bloomberg called the amendment "anti-police" and "pro-gun trafficker".

Now this doesn't make a lot of sense to us-but perhaps we're just confused on this gun issue. But isn't the amendment directed at legally licensed owners? So what's this riff by Mikey on gun traffickers? Nothing in the amendment, it seems to us, makes it easier for these malefactors to transport illegal weapons anywhere. And, as one commenter to the post suggests: "Bloomberg's group is "Mayors Against Illegal Guns." Go figure ... now they are against legal guns, too. I should have figured this wasn't about illegal guns, after all, but about their desire to ban ALL guns."

And this is from a man who undoubtedly has an armed contingent of protectors to insure the safety of Mike Bloomberg. Once again, one standard for Mike Bloomberg-and a different one altogether for the shlubs. Kind of like the Global Warming thing and the Bloomberg effort to appear to be Kermit the Mayor.

With the CO2 emissions deal, you know, the congestion pricing idea and the carbon footprint phoniness, we have the mayor looking to reduce the abilty of middle class drivers and delivery folks to get to work; while at the same time occupying all by his lonesome a carbon footprint that would put Yeti to shame.

Please, enough of the elitist social engineering. Imagine, taking life lessons and health prescriptions from someone who is really just another politician with an out sized ego; with an over eagerness to remake the world in his own image as well.