Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Freddy Ferrer: Hypocrite

In a story in this week's Village Voice, Tom Robbins goes after Pedro Espada for his alleged avidity in the pursuit of member items for his district: "Freddy Ferrer, who served as Bronx borough president from 1987 to 2001, said Espada's recent antics didn't surprise him. "He always struck me as a Ramon Velez wannabe," said Ferrer. In fact, Espada singled out Velez, the late Bronx anti-poverty kingpin regularly cited for corruption, as a role model in the New York magazine article. "That's his thing," said Ferrer. "He has so distinguished himself with his lack of character, it's really stunning. I'm betting he'll flip back again. He says this is about empowerment? Come on."

What chutzpah! Here's someone whose entire career was built on the original promotional activity of one Ramon Velez-the person whose support was the impetus for Ferrer's appointment to a vacant city council seat. So now he's disparaging his mentor, and posturing as a good government notable?

One last point. Ferrer, once he was elevated to the council, proceeded to spit in his mentor's face; telling the fabled Fat Man-according to how we heard the exchange went, "Ramon, now I must represent all of the people." Ferrer's comments on Espada are tasteless, even for him.