Friday, July 31, 2009

Appelbaum to Bloomberg: "Make My Day!"

Well, at least there is someone out there in the political world of NYC who isn't intimidated by Bloombucks. As Daily Politics reports: "RWDSU President Stuart Appelbaum took on the attack dog role for Comptroller Bill Thompson today, picking up on some of the Democratic mayoral hopeful's main themes by slamming Mayor Bloomberg for his big spending ways and association with the GOP. "I think it's just amazing that all the money that has been spent in this race by the other candidate, the Republican, and the Republican has put in - Republican Mike Bloomberg has put in - tens of millions of dollars into this race, and the more money he puts in, the more, the worse he seems to do among the voters," Appelbaum said at a City Hall press conference where his union officially endorsed Thompson. "And I guess my message to the other side is: 'Spend it all! New York City can use the money!' But at the end of the day, Bill Thompson is going to be mayor."

But there is something to be said for Appelbaum's take on the Bloomberg spending. The other night on NY1 Curtis Sliwa-generally a supporter of the mayor-threw up his hands at the incessant commercial badgering coming out of Bloomberg's re-election camp. "Enough already," he cried. Thompson could certainly use Appelbaum's feistiness-and there's still the possibility that the public will begin to echo Sliwa's lament.

Even with all of the mayor's spending, the poll numbers are really soft. The opportunity is there for Thompson; now let's see if he can take advantage of the opening.