Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pity the Poor Lobbyists!

Is anyone in charge up at the capitol? All we've been able to see from our vantage point is a game of musical chairs-Russian Roulette style. And the timing couldn't be worse since the legislative session was winding down with major legislation hanging in the balance. But if there's a silver lining in all the chaos, it comes from an unlikely source-Governor David Paterson.

Paterson, decrying the mess as "diabolical," has at the same time pointed out the real crisis; the impact of all this on the state's most misunderstood class-lobbyists:

"Paterson said that an up-or-down vote on the leadership would also provide an opportunity for the Senate to act similarly on a host of outstanding and controversial issues - from gay marriage to a spending cap. He called on lawmakers to end this standoff and get back to the "people's business," adding: "Think about the advocates that came up here on issues," Paterson said. "Whether you agree with them or not, they rode the buses up here in January and February on Tuesday - the lobby days." Think of the lobbyists who have invested in themselves to try to persuade legislative leaders and legislators on issues, and think of all the people around the state who are waiting, they’re on their seats to see what is going to happen with property taxes."

We will admit that the current meltdown has caused my cohort a great deal of distress-not to mention the confusion that is always caused by not knowing exactly who's in charge. But you gotta admit that the governor's rachmones for lobbyists is very strange indeed. So, instead of the plight of the homeless, global warming, and the fate of NYC school children, we have the poor distressed lobbyists to worry about. Now, that's a platform to run on, and we imagine that it will help to quickly turn the governor's weak poll numbers around.