Friday, June 19, 2009

A Hundred Bottles of Beer on the Wall

It looks like more hurry up and wait when it comes to resolving the state's expanded bottle bill. As the Politicker reports: "Lawyers representing both the state and an association of bottlers appeared today in Federal Court in Manhattan to reargue a decision which suspended the state's expanded bottle law until next year, but the case was adjourned for two weeks."

With the state senate in hibernation, and the legislative session about to end, it makes us wonder how this issue-or any issue that remains unresolved-will be addressed any time soon. And now, the legislators are starting to really fight among themselves.

As the NY Daily News reports: "State senators made a bold move Thursday to end their paralyzing stalemate: They packed up and went home. After yet another fruitless negotiating session - which almost came to blows - the battling pols got out of Dodge to enjoy their long weekend."

What happens next is any one's guess. But clearly the state senate has taken dysfunction to a new level. Can things get any worse?