Monday, June 22, 2009

Mayoral Control Mahyem

Mike Bloomberg is finally getting mad with the stalled state senate because the issue of mayoral control is in jeopardy. His own role in the political stalemate is, however, downplayed. As usual, Bloomberg fails to acknowledge his own culpability in the stalemate-and his resort to the kind of political monkeying around that he portrays as tawdry-and beneath his dignity.

As the NY Post reports: "A furious Mayor Bloomberg has declared war on Albany -- warning the Senate clowns and their ringmaster that he's sick of watching them play power games while the fate of the city's schoolkids hangs in the balance. "I find it inconceivable they won't do this," Bloomberg told The Post in an exclusive interview."

What the Sainted One fails to tell the Post in its "exclusive" press release, is that the current impasse is a direct result of a power grab by his own little class of senate sycophants-the same group that he spent so much money in an effort to insure continued Republican control over the body. And now he's angry? Perhaps, he's simply unhappy with what he has wrought.

But the coverage of the Bloomberg pique over the school issue, underscores once again just how the local press-absolutely obsessed and unhinged over mayoral control-simply doesn't cover the nuances of anything Bloomberg; particularly if these underlying factors cast the mayor in a less than flattering light. We are left to relying on Wayne Barrett for all of our unbiased reportage; and, as a result, the public-bombarded by Bloomberg's own paid messages-is shortchanged.