Monday, April 20, 2009

Mayor Gasbag

You have to give Mike Bloomberg credit for consistency-and you do know that consistency is the hobgoblin of mediocre minds, don't you? This time it's the mayor's support for increasing the gas tax: "Say what you will about Mayor Bloomberg's energy policy, but at least it's consistent. Having advocated higher taxes on fuel over the summer, Bloomberg yesterday came out in support of a return to the scary days of $4-a-gallon gasoline -- regardless of its potential impact on the fragile economy."

This is from someone with one of the biggest carbon footprints in the city-you know, that regular guy who rides the subways gauging the popular will. As the NY Post reported last year: "America's greenest mayor generates enough greenhouse gas to choke the Lincoln Tunnel.
Mayor Bloomberg - who has advocated everything from ditching incandescent light bulbs to taxing Midtown commuters to clean the air - produces 364 tons of smog-inducing carbon dioxide a year, according to a Post analysis of the billionaire's trans-Atlantic real estate portfolio and travel style."

How big is the Bloomberg footprint? "That's a carbon footprint larger than what's produced by 18 average Americans, 53 Europeans or 404 Guatemalans. It's equivalent to keeping 69 cars a year on the road or lighting the Empire State Building for 4 ½ days."

But Regular Guy Mike wants the higher tax in order to promote the mass transit he fails to use on his way to privately jetting down to Bermuda; just like he wants the average shlub to pay tolls and congestion taxes to promote the elitist schemes that he himself doesn't want to apply to himself. As the Post pointed out: "Bloomberg's carbon footprint could actually be much larger. The Post did not have enough information to estimate pollution generated by Bloomberg's four personal cars, the propeller-driven airplane he owns, or the company helicopter he's said to use."

So pardon our skepticism; and it's beyond silly to think that Mike Bloomberg has a sincere bone in his regular guy body. So when will the average New Yorker realize that this poseur isn't looking out for their best interests?