Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bell Tolls

According to the NY Daily News, it appears as if tolling the East and Harlem: "Gov. Paterson officially rang the death knell Tuesday for a plan to toll the city's free East and Harlem river bridges.The Daily News reported last week that officials hammering out an MTA bailout had moved away from the controversial scheme and were focusing on other vehicle-related charges like registration fees or surcharges."

So, let's get this straight. There will be some kind of deal to keep the fares down? Probably, it just won't include the bridges. As the News points out: "Sen. Kevin Parker, a Brooklyn Democrat, welcomed news that the tolls were off the table. "It's a victory for the people of Brooklyn and Queens and the Bronx and Staten Island because they are not being unduly penalized to solve a Manhattan problem," he said."

Now if we recall, the News has made skewering Carl Kruger and his colleagues into a serial-with ten editorials lambasting the opponents of tolls. And if this MTA gap can be bridged (pun intended) without tolls, then it's a win-win for all involved; something that we doubt the News will ever admit. If so, it will be the only time that the Senate Dems will have successfully flexed their new muscles-since the budget doesn't have much of a majority stamp on it, does it?

Kudos the Kruger, Parker, the amigos, and the rest of the Dems who stood up to the governor, the speaker, and the entire establishment. See guys, it actually can be done.