Thursday, April 16, 2009

A&P Disrespects It Workers

The once proud A&P supermarket company-now the owners of Pathmark Stores as well-is rapidly headed right into the toilet; and it's hard to see hoe it will survive under the current mismanagement. The latest is the company's violation of state law on worker compensation. This is from a press release from our friends over at UFCW Local 1500:

"The United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1500, New York State’s largest Local Union representing grocery workers, is responding quickly and aggressively to A&P Supermarkets attempt to avoid compliance with New York State labor laws. A&P Supermarkets is refusing to comply with the New York State W.A.R.N. act which requires employers to pay workers wages for 90 days after announcing the closing of a facility. A&P recently announced the closing of the Pathmark Supermarket in West Hempstead, Long Island. A&P is the parent corporation of Pathmark Supermarkets."

A&P stiffing workers? Heaven forfend! Why aren't we shocked? Well, maybe its because we worked on behalf of these deadbeats to kill a Wal-Mart Supercenter right next to a Pathmark Store in Monsey, New York-and they wouldn't pay the last three months that they owed us; leaving some local suppliers that we used in the lurch.

At some point, however, this kind of reprobate behavior has to come back to haunt this failing enterprise-and, hopefully, Local 1500 will be the harbinger of its demise: "We are extremely concerned about our members who work in that store and will do everything within our power to minimize the effect this store closing has on our members and their families,” United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1500 President Bruce W. Both stated. “Additionally, I am outraged, though not surprised, that A&P would take such a callous position in regards to how they are treating our members and their families."

It's time that this once proud enterprise gave up the ghost. It is being run into the ground by lawyers and accountants; and the sooner real supermarket mavens are brought in, and the current pretenders evicted, the better for all-especially the hard working supermarket workers.