Thursday, January 08, 2009

Senatorial Scorecard

Crain's Insider is laying out the winners and losers in the just concluded senate leadership fight, and, as expected Malcolm Smith is at the top of the list: "Malcolm Smith. He might never be as powerful as Joe Bruno was, and he’s been tarnished by the process of winning the Senate majority leadership, but four weeks ago this outcome looked very much in doubt."

Quite true, but it is important to point out that Amigo ringleader, Senator Carl Kruger, emerges as a big winner-especially considering where he stood just two short months ago. Does any one think that Kruger, after being close to Majority Leader Bruno, would have been given a plum assignment by the new leader?

The Insider recognizes this (but overlooks the other two amigos unfortunately); and goes on to throw props our way as well: "Sen. Carl Kruger. “He was as out of favor as anyone could possibly be,” an insider says, but by holding the Gang of Three together, he nabbed the Finance Committee chairmanship and a $34,000 lulu. Lobbyist Richard Lipsky, who handled media for Kruger gratis, also gained."

On the losing side, the Insider singled out two unions who made a major misstep-but should, we believe, given them top billing: "CSEA and 1199 SEIU. The two unions stuck with Senate Republicans until the end."

The big unresolved question is whether or not the people of New York will be the winners in all of this. The will be answered only when the Owl of Minerva flies.