Monday, January 19, 2009

A Job for Mike Bloomberg

Well, if this third term thing doesn't work out for Mike Bloomberg, there's a cooll jod waiting for him down in Washington. How about the Czar of the soon to be established Federal Health Board. What will this Board do? Watch out: "This is the mechanism that Tom Daschle and Barack Obama intend to set up, as Daschle's book spells out in excruciating detail. Such a board would decide what kind of medical treatment will be provided in this nation. What kind of medical treatment you and I will get."

Pretty scary stuff; and as the blogger here asks: "How can a few, a board of hack central planners, know what kind of medical benefits your children need when they're rationing who gets what? They can't. You're about to turn these decisions over to a handful of bureaucrats, who will be called "experts." A board of bureaucrats -- not you -- will decide the healthcare fate of your children. You won't. They will."

This is where all of the Bloomberg nannyisms are headed-and the question here is where are all of those prochoicers who tell the government to lay off of their bodies? Is privacy only a right for women who are concerned about their pregnancy rights? This Fascist health board fight is where the real issue of what kind of government Obama will preside over will be decided.