Thursday, January 08, 2009

Assignment for Disaster

According to the NY Daily News Adolfo Carrion, who we last saw spreadeagled in anticipation before for hosing prepared for the Bronx Terminal merchants and the neighborhood folks around Yankee Stadium, may be a candidate for Hilary Clinton's senate seat. This is so preposterous, that we're moved to cry out, against all of our previously stated observations: "Give the seat to the Princess instead!"

Here's what the News says: "Add Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión's name to the long and growing list of potential candidates being considered for appointment to New York's soon-to-be-vacant Senate seat." Please tell us Davis, that this is all window dressing; because the thought of the craven AC in the US Senate is too chilling to bear-even given the fact that the body has coughed up some real winners in the past few years.

Carrion's performance as Bronx BP is nothing more than mediocre-with a slavish attention to the needs of real estate transcending any real concern for the people of the borough; and his crafting of bogus CBAs for the Gateway and Stadium deals is a clear indication of his lack of qualification for either the senate seat, or the White House post he's rumored to be in line for: "In being considered for the White House job, Carrión has had to deal with criticism from some local Web sites and e-mails over actions he has taken - or has failed to take - as borough president."

Let Adolfo put himself before the voters based on his record-and let's see what happens. But given his record, we can understand why he wants to be appointed to something-anything.