Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The following from Azi probably needs no comment: "Oliver Koppell, the City Councilman who is introducing a bill to extend term limits from a maximum of two terms to a maximum of three, said what’s happening on Wall Street helps make his case. “To have a mayor that is knowledgeable about financial matters is good," Koppell said, referring to the very real possibility that Michael Bloomberg would seek a third term if the law were changed. "And we want the financial community to have confidence in the city as they’re making decisions in this very turbulent time.”

But comment we will. Can you imagine all of the discussions down at AIG right about now concerning the issue of term limits? Gee, if we only know that Mayor Mike will be around-more than a year from now-for another four years, we'll definitely be able to navigate this impending disaster so much better. You really can't make this up.