Tuesday, September 02, 2008


In Saturday's NY Post, the paper continued with a chronicling of Mayor Mike's well-orchestrated campaign to self perpetuate: "Mayor Bloomberg invited the City Council yesterday to send him a bill to amend term limits so he and all other city officials could serve an extra four years - and hinted he might just sign it. "I never speculate on what I'll do until I see a piece of legislation," the mayor said on his weekly WOR radio show. "But everything they've done I've given careful consideration to. Usually, they know where we stand before they vote on something, not always. Usually, where we stand before they vote is where we come out."

This, after all of his now obviously discredited definitive statements about his support for the current term limits restriction. As Randy Mastro pointed out, Bloomberg sung a different tune in 2002: "Before facing the end of his own time in office, Mr. Bloomberg felt very differently about the City Council's attempt in 2002 to alter voter-approved term limits by legislation. "I would oppose any change in the law that a legislative body tries to make," he declared. "I do think after you've asked the public to express their views twice, you don't try to circumvent the will of the public."

So, just like any power hungry pol enamored with his own indispensability, Bloomberg does an about face. As the Post says, it isn't the city council driving the term limits change: "Bloomberg's comments were surprising, because he is the one driving the issue, not the council, and insiders said he hadn't consulted council Speaker Christine Quinn, an ally who has declared her unequivocal opposition to any legislative changes to term limits."

And don't take the misdirection about what his aides re supposedly saying with any degree of seriousness-they're just playing all of us with this coy game of cat and mouse; testing the waters and using the city council as their foil. Pretty soon, however, the real Slim Shady will have to stand up.