Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mike Bloomberg: The Real Mc-Coy

Mike Bloomberg just can't seem to help himself-but the faux coyness really is unbecoming. As the NY Daily News reports this morning, Mayor Mike is still playing footsie on the term limits question: "Mayor Bloomberg vowed Tuesday to veto a bill that would end term limits but admitted for the first time that "discussions are going on" about extending them.
Bloomberg said he would "think long and hard" about a measure to extend the limits to three terms from two. "I have been lobbied by both sides continuously over the last few weeks and I'll just have to see what the details are," Bloomberg said. "I do think term limits are a good idea, and whether it should be two or three is an interesting discussion, but if this bill were to end term limits I'd certainly veto it."

What a load of... Mayor Mike doesn't need to await the reading of the fine print on legislation that would allow him a third term in order to be able to decide its merits. That's a decision he can, and should, make now! Without all of the peek-a-boo nonsense that we're getting from this great decisive leader.

The late civil rights attorney Flo Kennedy used to lecture about how politicians like to serve up manure disguised as "bridge mix." You know, when you got close enough to smell it, or God forbid, taste it, you quickly realized that it was pure sh*t. So with the mayor: "I'm not sure what I should do. Clearly there is a discussion going on in the city about whether two or three terms is appropriate," he admitted for the first time since sparking the political storm several weeks ago by hinting he may be open to a revision."

Can you believe the level of disingenuousness here? Mayor Mike wants to stay on, but doesn't have the cajones to come right out and say it. You know, three terms may be better than two.... Please! The question here is not about some esoteric government policy, but whether, in order to self-perpetuate, law makers should vote to override the will of the voters. As one Daily News commenter, getting the last word here, points out: "Bloomberg said that there's an ongoing discussion about extending term limits. He's the only one keeping it going the rest of us have already gone on record as to how we feel about the subject. Maybe the mayor should stop fanning the fires and just hold his breath. For a long long time!"