Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Quinn For Licensing Illegals

In today's Daily Politics blog, Liz reveals that Speaker Quinn has thrown herself into the drivers license fray-on the side of the governor's original plan to license illegals. Let's parse this sentence. It appears to us, that Quinn believes two things: number one that Hispanics will be the key swing demographic, and the license issue will help her resonate with this constituency; and secondly that the NY Times, which has shilled for the open border remorselessly, is another key component to her potential electoral success.

At the same time, it may very well be that the position she's taking here, while useful in a Democratic primary, will prove to be deadly in a general election. The position of Mayor Bloomberg-"The bottom line is we should be giving driver's licenses to people knowing who they are and making sure that they have a right to have them, and we should make sure particularly when it comes to guns that you can only use a secure driver's license to buy guns."-also has the potential to throw the Quinn express off the rails in a more moderately oriented general election. Stay tuned.

Update: NY1 is reporting that Mayor Bloomberg is mulling over whether the city will go to court in an effort to block the governor's revised three tiered license plan: "A mayoral spokesman says the city is still reviewing whether the licenses would be "sufficient identification for city government functions, such as applying for welfare or a homeless shelter."