Thursday, November 08, 2007

Is Wal-Mart's Trayf in Monsey?

In the Ramapo supervisor election, the incumbent, and Wal-Mart opponent, Chris St.Lawrence came away with a greater than 4,000 vote margin-mostly because of the wave of support he received from the Ramapo Orthodox community. As the Journal News reports today, the Hasidic neighborhoods voted overwhelmingly for St. Lawrence-a vote that was likely boosted by the supervisor's public announcement of his opposition to the Walmonster.

In some areas, St. Lawrence's opponent couldn't seem to buy a vote: "If democracy means that those who vote get a voice, then the voice appeared to go Tuesday to the ultra-orthodox community in and around Monsey. At one New Square polling place, Mele got one vote to St. Lawrence's 1,111, according to unofficial results. Those tallies also showed a score of 906 to zero for St. Lawrence at another New Square location."

The Orthodox community has made its opposition to Wal-Mart crystal clear, and the St. Lawrence announcement can be seen as a recognition of this political reality. In response the community delivered, and we're certainly hopeful that the newly re-elected supervisor will do the same.