Thursday, November 08, 2007

More Licensed Poll-Axing

NY1 is reporting on its just conducted poll on Governor Spitzer's new drivers license plan. The results, while predictably revealing deep opposition to the governor's new proposal, are surprising when it comes to Latino voters: "The poll shows the majority of both Democrats and Latino voters are at odds with the licensing proposal, as are residents across the board in New York State. According to the poll, Latino voters did not like the original plan and also do not approve of the new proposal. Fifty-two percent reject it; 33 percent are in favor; and 15 percent did not respond.

What this shows is that the pandering being done by some elected officials may not be so politically astute. Latinos, most of whom are here legally, have as much resentment over giving illegals special treatment, as do any other ethnic group. In addition, the mainstream of the Democratic is resolute against this silliness as well. Only the NY Times and the DMI remain convinced, and the Democratic Party needs to be careful that these head-in-the-clouds folks don't drag them over the precipice.