Thursday, February 01, 2007

Spitzer to Tribes: "Show Me the Money"

In what feels like a breathe of fresh air to those of us who have been fighting on this issue for years, it is being reported today in the NY Times that Governor Spitzer, affirming what he told us in private over a year ago, will move swiftly to collect up to $200 million dollars in sales taxes "that the state says is owed by Indian tribes for businesses on their reservations." At least someone isn't afraid of "Indian violence."

It appears to us, given the figures that we have seen, that this revenue is actually considerably higher than $200 million, and there will also be a boost in sales tax as consumers return to the upstate stores that they abandoned as the state continued to raise taxes while refusing to enforce the law against the tribes. It will be interesting to see how the Indians respond to all this, but we will be glad to see someone else on the defensive for a change.