Sunday, February 04, 2007

Roc-ing the Restaurants

In today's NY Post there is a column by TomEliot on the efforts by a group called the Restaurant Opportunities Center to gain influence (organize?) over the city's restaurant industry. The confusion here is a result of the tactics and philosophy of the group; it eschews the direct organization of the workers in favor of organized protests that attempt to discourage patronizing of the targeted restaurants.

As we would say in New York, however, "not for nothing." It appears, at least according to the Post account, that the group will stop its protests if it is paid enough to simply go away. Even more disturbing is the philosophy of ROC's leader, a young woman by the name of Saru Jayaraman; "essentially she says she wants to eliminate capitalism from the restaurant industry."

ROC claims that it wants to unionize the non-union segment of the industry but so far it has unionized zilch and has no standing with the NLRB. We wonder what Local 6 has to say about all of this "organizing?' What we do know is that we don't need social conscience leeches like Jayaraman attacking the productive segments of our city's economy while contributing nothing themselves to the well-being of New Yorkers.