Thursday, January 18, 2007

Watering Down Disposers

Crain's In$ider reported yesterday that the DEP had issued its RFP for a consultant to "study" whether a pilot program for commercial waste disposers should be implemented. As we have commented before, this entire exercise is an elaborate charade. You don't need a two year study conducted by an agency devoid of any fiscal acumen or honesty to determine whether a pilot program-whose ultimate purpose is to evaluate the efficacy of such a methodology-should be implemented in the first place.

It is an example of bad faith and it is just one of the policy decisions that will come back to bite council leadership on the ass when the ultimate failure to reduce waste becomes apparent (and as export costs escalate). At a time when the rat epidemic is spiraling out of control, along with the commercial cost of garbage disposal, the use of food waste disposers is the kind of low-tech innovation that could do a lot of good-if only people could remove the ideological blinders placed on them by ignorant self-appointed environmental experts.