Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Post Toasts Club Initiative's "Balance"

In today's NY Post, the paper that played the most prominent role in the focusing of public attention on the safety issues pertaining to New York City nightlife, editorializes in support of Speaker Quinn's assortment of initiatives for safety in the industry. As the editors express it; "The trick, though, as this paper has argued for months, is to find an effective way to ensure a safe night-time atmosphere without jeopardizing the enormous economic-and social-contribution of Gotham's bars and dance halls."

Just right! The Post captures the essence of the argument that we have made for the past five months about the importance of the industry as not only an economic engine for New York, but for its spiritual foundation as well. It is what makes this city what it is-a place where there is a vibrancy that continues to attract the talented young from all over the country and the world.

The Post also, taking a page from NYNA's lobbying playbook, takes direct aim at the use of fraudulent IDs by underage drinkers. It blames these lawbreakers and not club owners for the problems attendant to underage drinking abuse: "These kids, after all, are the ones committing fraud, not the bar staffs."

At the end of the editorial the paper sums up the nightlife situation with the most important one word analysis-"Balance." "Safety must improve, but without sacrificing New York's reputation as the Capitol of Nightlife."