Sunday, January 28, 2007

Lights, Cameras and, Hopefully, Action

In today's NY Daily News the paper's Albor Ruiz calls for the re-institution of the city's Operation Safe Store program, an initiative that has been allowed to lapse by the NYPD. In his column he quotes the Jose Fernandez, the head of the Bodega Association, "Bodegas are under seige, and the city needs to join with the Bodega Association to expand the security camera program throughout the city."

It appears that the robbers are targeting those stores that they know are not being properly surveilled. One team of crooks is apparently responsible for a string of at least eleven heists. And, as Ruiz points out, "Miraculously, no injuries have been reported in any of the incidents. Three years ago, however, 12 store owners and employees were killed and if the city doesn't respond than this situation is likely to re-occur.