Friday, November 24, 2006

Post Fries Frieden's Fat

In today's NY Post the paper editorializes against Health Commissioner Frieden's proposal to ban trans fat. The Post is taken by the warning issued by the Heart Association that "there is a potential for unintended and adverse consequences" if the ban is pushed forward in a precipitous manner.

The problem, as the Post points out, is that in the absence of an adequate supply of alternative oils and other ingredients restaurants will be forced to switch to even less healthy saturated fats. The Post also points out that the switch to different ingredients has taste implications that need to be considered. After all, if the folks don't like the new trans fat-free recipes where will that leave the restaurants?

In our view, especially in the light of the city's initiative to create a new "food coordinator" job, it is important that the DOH and the city council look for ways to create a collaborative food policy that includes a buy-in from the city's restaurants and food stores. No more edicts are needed if there is a real effort to get the private sector engaged as full partners in a drive for healthier eating.