Sunday, November 19, 2006

Food Co-Op in East New York

In today's NY Times the paper rhapsodizes about the opening of a food co-op in East New York. It is just another example of how the issue of food access is becoming compelling on a number of important levels. Good luck to the five members of the co-op and their 2,500 square foot store.

It might, however, be a better idea if these dedicated folks would hook up with a supermarket operator to figure out how to provide the neighborhood with the fresh vegetables that the Times opines, "will be a healthy addition to an area with high rates of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, and where French fries are easier to find than ripe tomatoes."

The real key here is to work on the demand side of the equation, because if you don't the five cooperators in East New York will not be in business for long. As we have pointed out, produce is a profit center for any supermarket, and all that is missing is generating customers in low income areas who will buy it at higher levels than they do today.