Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Daily News Supports Fat Ban Phase-in

In today's NY Daily News the paper editorializes against the speed in which the DOH is planning to implement its ban on trans fat. The concern, expressed by both the industry and the American Heart Association, is that in the absence of available alternative ingredients restaurants may be forced to switch back to unhealthy saturated fats.

The News is also skeptical about the ability of restaurants to switch over to new alternatives without compromising the taste of the fare being served, something that Commissioner Frieden feels is not an issue. However, as the paper says, "Now, there's mounting evidence he was wrong."

Also at issue is the fate of the smaller local eateries.. The News points out that it took KFC a couple of years and thousands of dollars to devise a palatable alternative. "Small restaurants, even small chains couldn't do that by July 08." All of which means that the current time table for transition may need to be altered, something that Frieden, at today's Crains forum, said was being examined (more on the commissioner's talk in a little while).