Monday, October 30, 2006

Trans Fat Free Fatheads: Hearing Today

As we get set for today's DOH hearing on the proposal to ban Trans fat we are also gearing up for the ideological zealotry of some of the anti-Trans fat fanatacism a group called Trans Fat Free New York (reminds us of the Save the Seals campaign). As AM New York reports this morning, the head of the group is accusing the Alliance of "Swift Boating," which we take to mean some form of exaggeration-although, given John Kerry's infrequent atachment to veracity we may well decide to take the accusation as a compliment.

The point remains that the Alliance is not opposed to the change we are only concerned that if one is to be made that it is done in a way that is sensitive to the concerns of neighborhood eateries. As the NY Post points out this morning, there may not be an adequate supply of Trans fat alternatives to allow a smooth July 1st implementation date.

All we are asking for is a collaborative effort with the Health Department that takes into account that there may be some difficulties in the transition. Having people who have never owned a restaurant making these faux authoritative statements on what can or cannot be done is no substitute for a reasonable approach to this health issue.