Tuesday, October 10, 2006

No Free Speech for All

As a postscript to the preceding comment on Columbia it is instructive for everyone to really read the insightful story written by Eliana Johnson in today's NY Sun. The self-serving and self-righteous comments of the protestors speak for themselves. When asked about their trampling of the free speech rights of others one Monique Dols of an international socialist group told the paper:"The nature of these questions shows there's more concern for the Minutemen than for helpless illegal immigrants."

What we have here is the rejection of the formal protections afforded us in the Constitution for the larger issue of substantive justice for the oppressed. What Dols doesn't understand is that these formal protections are essential to protect the rights of immigrants. The Alliance has used them for the better part of three decades to do just that. If Dols and her comrades had their way we'd all be under the "guidance" of commissars who would be able to decide just what was appropriate for us all to hear. And we know how well that worked out, Don't we?