Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fat Hits the Fire

The recent announced NYC ban on trans fats has begun to generate considerable heat. Now, an industry sponsored group called the Center for Consumer Freedom (it's interesting how an industry group steps up gallantly on behalf of its customers), has lashed out at the "food police."

The Center will join the NYS Restaurant Association in fighting the ban and it is likely that it will be a two front war since the city council wants to legislate the issue because, in the words of Councilman Vallone, "Rules can be changed by the next mayor or health commissioner. It's much more difficult to change a law than a regulation."

It is clear that the health and obesity issue is going to continue to get the attention of our elected officials. This summer Councilman Rivera's call to use zoning to restrict fast food outlets caused quite a stir and his Health Corps support garnered a big grant from the City Council. Rivera, the council health chair, plans an obesity conference later this year.

For those in the food industry who don't like the intrusiveness there is going to have to be an awakening of their consciousness on the obesity issue. They will either be part of the solution or they'll get attacked as part of the problem.