Friday, December 10, 2010

Sharpton Recovers His Voice

Al Sharpton, who we had feared was struck with a permanent case of laryngitis when he was nowhere to be found on the Cathie Black contretemps, has apparently recovered sufficiently to attack Anthony Weiner-as Daily Politics highlights: "The Democrats' family feud went local Thursday when Rev. Al Sharpton accused Rep. Anthony Weiner of ignoring the needs of working people. The fiery activist reverend promised "pushback" if the Democratic lawmaker keeps attacking President Obama over the tax cut deal with Republicans. "I'm against tax cuts for the rich too...but this is absolutely over the top to blame this on President Obama," Sharpton told the Daily News."

This is what is known as a classic case of selective outrage-a selection process that is solely a function of the cash nexus; as we've seen with all things Bloomberg. If you have enough money to put the Reverend on a retainer, than you're guaranteed Sharpton's observation of the Code of Omerta. Everyone else is fair game-as Congressman Weiner is finding out.

Sharpton, for his part, wants to debate Weiner: "Sharpton [said] he will emphasize how the deal helps 2 million jobless Americans and middle- and low-income families that can't afford to see their taxes go up. Sharpton has invited Weiner to debate him on his show, he said." If we were Weiner, however, we'd ask for a neutral venue-beard the Sharpton lion on his pecuniary tendencies.

That being said, however, Sharpton has a tough row to hoe if he is going to absolve the president of any responsibility for this less than robust deal-at least from a Democratic standpoint. But the fratricide here is not a good sign for Democrats who are playing defense with a Republican counterrevolution that is on the ascendancy.