Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Bloomberg's Marriage of Convenience

YNN is reporting that Mike Bloomberg has made a web video in support of gay marriage: "I’m Mayor Mike Bloomberg,” the mayor declares in the video. “I’m a New Yorker, and I support marriage equality because government shouldn’t tell you who to love or who to marry.”

It's always comnforting-if a bit disconcerting-to see Mr. Nanny State take a libertarian position. But when it comes to health, Bloomberg has all kinds of reasons why it is the job of government to tell you what to eat, where to eat, how much to eat-not to mention smoking restrictions that challenge God's ability to ventilate the outdoors.

And the NY Post chimes in: "Mayor Bloomberg -- who has no problem telling New Yorkers not to smoke, gobble trans fats or sprinkle too much salt on their food -- insists, "Government shouldn't tell you who to love or who to marry," in a pro-gay marriage Internet video released yesterday."

Bloomberg's position on marriage equality would be reasonably palatable if it was accompanied by a more consistent view of the limitations and proper role of government in our personal lives. But, alas, if consistency is the hobgoblin of mediocre minds, than we  have little hope that the city's Philosopher King will stoop to such intellectual mediocrity-it is simply beneath him