Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wrong Number!

What a shock it was to get an invitation from our favorite mayor to attend a fundraiser for the inimitable Harry Reid-an elected official that we just might like even less than we do the city's chief executive; and at the mayor's home, no less. Boy, did he get a wrong number.
We see that Daily Poliitics has picked up on the mayor's bi-partisan generosity-and Celeste wonders, as we do, WTF? "So is this a head-scratcher... or isn't it?"

Indeed it is a head scratcher, and we can't see how the Democratic Senate Majority Leader's agenda has anything in common with Mike Bloomberg's-or NYC's interests. DP quotes Ira Stoll on this: "Stoll writes: "Maybe the mayor is supportive of Mr. Reid's opposition to the Ground Zero mosque? His votes against partial-birth abortion? His support of gun rights? Some other stance on which Mr. Reid disagrees with the mayor? "Or maybe it's just transactional, with the mayor calculating Mr. Reid will probably win and be in a position to direct federal funds to New York City."

Perhaps Mike is looking to forestall the ending of the Bush tax cuts-a move that would cost NYC much more than almost any other municipality? It could, however, all come down to simply Mike Bloomberg's ego-and the endless need to nurture it; but the real puzzler is, regardless of the underlying motivation, just how did they get our name?