Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Michael Myer(s) is a Real Life Horror

For many people Michael Myers is the frightening figure from the Halloween series of slasher films-first murdering his sister and then, fifteen years later, returning to kill some more teenagers. But Michael Myers the fictional destroyer has nothing on the real life destructive force that Michael Myer(s) the developer has turned out to be. This Myer(s) shuns the lighthearted work of individual homicides, and seeks to do in an entire Flushing community with his Flushing Commons project.

And the real life Myer(s) is also someone who isn't too low to resort to character assassination-more than willing to add insult to injury. This comes out in the last issue of the Queens Courier, as the local paper tries to sort out the meaning of the resignation of Jim Gerson from the Flushing BID: "While insisting that 400 more parking spaces, once promised, be restored to the project, Gerson is also quoted as saying, “I honestly think that the project could destroy the community.” Michael Meyer, both a member of the BID and a principal in the 1 million square-foot project, called Gerson’s accusations “nonsense.”

Nice to hear from an unbiased bystander. But Myer(s) isn't finished-and has his own unique opinion about the proper role of a BID: "The BID is not in the business of commissioning studies for businesses that aren’t even in its area,” Meyer said. “The business assistance plans are properly being taken care of by elected officials who have both the responsibility and the budget.”

Now the BID is just as its name says-and who's to say that improving business is the exclusive purview of some Lady Bird Myers? "Meyer also said that BIDS throughout the city are organized by local business, to keep the streets clean, do plantings and otherwise make their own blocks more attractive to shoppers. “BIDS don’t do lobbying,” he insisted." Isn't marketing and economic impact studies a proper concern of a local business group? In our view it certainly is-and anything that promotes such business-like an economic impact study-is totally within bounds; in spite of the learned rebuttal of Professor Myer(s).

But Myer(s) doesn't like the fact that Gerson is standing up for the 900 neighborhood merchants-and resorts to the ad hominen in order to demonstrate the paucity of his intellectual outlook: "Meyer also accused Gerson of “playing politics” and suggested ulterior motives.
“He owns a residential property with no parking, right there. He wants additional spaces so his tenants can use them for long term parking – and make his property more desirable,” Meyer said."

Well fancy that. Gerson, unlike Myer(s), has a vested interest in Flushing because he and his family have been an indigenous presence there for over fifty years! And, as one of the 900 Flushing businesses, he too needs the public parking that Flushing Commons will Bogart for itself. So what Myer(s) demonstrates with such great clarity is his carpetbagger and special interest status-in contrast to those who have Flushing's interest at heart.

Make no mistake about it. Flushing Commons-with Mike Myer(s) at the helm-will slash its way into the community and make Freddy Krueger look like a boy scout. It's no wonder that Myer(s) dropped the s from his name in order to try to differentiate himself from Halloween infamy. We, however, refuse to be fooled and know exactly who, and what, he is.