Friday, January 25, 2008

We're From the Government-and Our Numbers are Growing

In yesterday's NY Daily News, the paper points out how city government keeps expanding in the face of fiscal challenges. The so-called hiring freeze is described by E. J. McMahon as a "slushy freeze." All of which underscores our observation that Mayor Mike is a big fan of big government, and sees no reason to apply any of his business acumen to either down-sizing or re-inventing.

As we have said before, Bloomberg is John Lindsay with a great deal more money and a great deal less empathy. He's really attempted little that's innovative, and the little he's done in the realm of education has been very Lindsay like in its lack of productivity. We're eagerly awaiting the re-evaluations; but they won't be coming from the liberal salons who excoriated Rudy while reaping the benefits of his Augean Stables cleansing.