Friday, January 11, 2008

Recycling Inconsistency

In this morning's NY Sun, the paper writes about the electronic recycling bill that is sponsored in the City Council by Bill DeBlasio. As the paper says: "Electronics manufacturers would be required to set up recycling programs under legislation being considered by the City Council." Did you notice that? It said the manufacturers would be required to set up!

Remember our commentary on the plastic bag recycling? There, the manufacturers are held harmless-reduced to spectators while local stores do the heavy lifting. And yet, that Intro 640 whisked through the legislature with the speaker wielding the whisk broom. How to account for the discrepancy?

Well, it turns out that the mayor doesn't like to hold computer companies responsible for their trash; so the speaker puts her environmental creds on hold even while 45 of her colleagues are listed as the E-recycling bill's sponsors. This hypocrisy won't stand greater scrutiny and the speaker is going to have to step up and do the right thing,