Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Let's Take It to the Streets

Yesterday Liz blogs posts about the "blogwars" between the Streetsblog folks and the Alliance. As it turns out, however, the war is a lot less than meets the eye since our fellow bloggers-but not some of their over-heated commenters-really have nothing but kind words for us. As Aaron Naparstek said on their web site yesterday: "He is an entertaining writer, an experienced political player, and a skilled propagandist (in these quarters, that's a compliment). If Mayor Bloomberg's congestion relief efforts are ultimately shot down in Albany, Lipsky will deserve a fair share of the credit."

This fulsome praise does give us pause, and at the same time, gives us a chance to re-think some of the provocative prose we used to describe these folks. What was really concerning us was the way in which the earnestness of the mayor's chorus was being exploited. The last thing we'd like to see is the people with real environmental concerns strapped to the masthead on the good ship permanent government-precisely because we know that most of the congestion price advocates wouldn't hesitate to join us in our battles against the Relateds and Vronados of the world when they seek to litter the landscape with box stores. Yet, these are the real estate forces lining up with the mayor to save the environment.

So, I guess that the advice here is to be careful who you get into bed with, because when the permanent government is using you as an ally it might just not be all about-or even anything about-the saving of the environment. And Aaron, when we say be careful of biting the hand that feeds you, it is sound advice since the attack on Dinowitz can only come back to hurt your cause in the Assembly. We are, however, properly chastised and will move on to continue to battle the disingenuousness of much of the "pay for play" environmentalists who are so eager to suck at the teat of the mogul's millions after years of starving in the policy desert.