Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bike to the Future?

In today's NY Times there is a featured article on the city's new policy initiative to promote cycling as an alternative to automobiles. As the paper reports: "The Bloomberg administration says it wants to develop cycling as a viable transportation alternative to ease traffic congestion, reduce carbon emissions and encourage physical activity. But the new attention to cycling has also encountered resistance in some neighborhoods, especially when it threatens to remove traffic lanes for cars and trucks."

So we now have the Luddites at Transportation Alternatives being elevated to the ranks of policy gurus by our besotted leaders? Or maybe its the disruptive bikers from Critical Mass who will be given seats at the table.

All of which is punctuated by the picture of our bike-riding transportation commissioner, another feature in the elitist attempt to stick a knife in the heart of the tax paying citizens of this city; good folks who are already finding it impossible to park or drive their cars as the real estate barons continue to congest the streets with the spillover from their building boom.