Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'm-an Ill Suited Leader

The mayor's unwillingness to forcefully confront the Muslim chaplin who clearly is unsuited to continue to act in any official capacity, stands in sharp contrast to his percipitous dismissal of an employee in the city's Albany lobbying office. That poor sap's sin was having had a game of solitaire on his office computer.

Let's go back to 2002. It was at that time when the mayor, goaded by the NY Post's attack on his smoking ban, actually had a NYCHA employee fired for taking too long a smoking break in front of the agency's 250 Broadway headquarters.

It's a good thing that Umar Abdul Jalil wasn't caught at his desk smoking and playing computer solitaire. This, and not blatantly anti-Semitic and subversive statements in defense of Islamic extremism, would bring down the righteous wrath of our municipal leader.

How sad. And what is Norman Siegal doing defending a government paid religious leader? Isn't he the one who, along with the ACLU, is always fighting educational vouchers because some public money may get channeled into a parochial school? As the Sun editorialized yesterday, if you want any government funds to go to a religious activity you just have to go to jail.