Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Raise for Roger

Yesterday's NY Post reports on yet more problems for the TWU's Roger Toussaint. It seems that members are questioning whether Toussaint violated union by-laws when he orchestrated himself a series of pay raises, raises that exceeded the "meager ones" received by Local 100's rank-and-file.

In the Post article Toussaint's Sancho Panza, Ed Watt, admitted that "an exception was made for Toussaint, but countered that, 'The Post's agenda is obviously to discredit Local 100.'" Some comeback. When faced with unpleasant facts Watt looks to shoot the messenger.

This line of defense continues in today's Post follow-up with Watt countering the paper's disclosure with, "It is unfortunate that the New York Post continues to ignore even basic facts in favor of their anti-worker agenda." That may be so about the Post but it doesn't take away from the serious questions about Toussaint's leadership.

As one worker comments, "People get into a position of money and prestige and they forget about the people they represent. He should be held accountable." What this means is that even more pressure is placed on Toussaint to really deliver the goods on a contract. Certainly the reservoir of goodwill has evaporated.

All of which adds to why there is a growing discontent with Toussaint's stewardship of the local. It will be interesting to see if Roger the dodger can overcome all of this as union elections loom later this year.