Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bloomberg vs. Bruno

As most papers have been reporting over the past few days, Mayor Bloomberg has been leaking that he might throw his considerable support behind our good friend Joe Addabbo in his effort to challenge State Senator Serph Maltese. The Daily News' Bill Hammond analyzes this effort in a column today.

All of which makes for interesting speculation. Will the mayor, because of his considerable resources, be able to Bogart the Albany powers in a way that none of his predecessors have ever been able to do? Or will his efforts backfire, with Joe Bruno going out of his way to stick it to the rich meddler?

We can only hope so because if this happens any chance of the mayor's cigarette tax passing may go up in smoke. These things do, however, have a way of working themselves out, which is why we will continue to push our lawmakers on this issue.